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Naked Woman House

Oh man, I'm so going to build me one of these....,,2002431091,00.html

The pair bedroom
Boobs ... artist sleeps behind right breast

A SCULPTOR has built this amazing house in the shape of a woman’s naked body — and sleeps behind one of her BOOBS.

Madcap Armando Munoz Garcia put the bathroom in her bottom and the living room in her tummy.

The 48-year-old started building the shapely property 12 years ago — and in that time it has become a huge hit with locals.

Its living room, complete with TV, has a hot tub with a mermaid carved on the floor and is decorated with Armando’s paintings.

'Er indoors and outdoors ... Armando with girlfriend Isabel in bedroom

The three-storey building stands at the corner of a street on a hillside in Rosarito, Mexico.

Armando, who shares the house with girlfriend Isabel Magana, said he built the magnificent home because he loves sex. Asked why he slept behind the right breast, he said: “Maybe because I like them.”

The bedroom is ample enough for a double bed and sofa.
The house, which even has a swimming pool around the waist and a patio, will be finished when Armando completes the head.

He plans to give the woman long curly hair. The house, which has a staircase between each floor, is the SECOND naked woman home constructed by Armando.

My hot property ... Armando in his amazing tub

His first was a 50ft building in the Mexican border town of Tijuana — but it has since fallen into disrepair.

Cuddling up to Isabel, Armando said yesterday: “What more can a man ask for?”

Should the artist ever decide to sell his pad, he could advertise it as a desirable residence with plenty of charms, a stunning view — and all the bare essentials.
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