crasch (crasch) wrote,

What are your wishes?

What are your top three wishes that could plausibly be realized in the next 5 years? How much would you offer as a prize now to see your wish fulfilled within that time period?

1. Have enough "passive" investment income (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) to provide an income of at least $25 K/year. Assuming that a 4% drawdown is possible without affecting the principal, that would be savings of about $625,000.00 dollars in 2003 dollars.

Prize: $63,000 (assuming that my savings after payment would be $625 K)

2. Find a compatible mate. My "ideal" mate would be:

* Life-loving -- Plans to be cryopreserved if she becomes terminally ill/injured. Has so many things that she would like to do it would take several lifetimes at least to achieve them all.
* Freedom loving -- Supports the Free State Project and plans to move to the state when chosen.
* Health-conscious -- Eats brocolli, fish, and other healthy foods.
* Athletic -- Likes to run, lift weights, bike, rollerblade, mountain climb.
* Child-friendly -- Wants to have 1 - 2 kids.
* Politically aware -- Enjoys discussing politics and economics (among other things).
* Intellectually curious -- loves to read on a wide range of subjects. Knows where all the bookstores and libraries are in town.
* Frugal -- wants to be financially independent. Values freedom over material goods.
* Kindhearted -- doesn't deliberately do anything to hurt anyone else. Makes amends if she does.
* Responsible -- pays bills on time, and keeps commitments.
* Action-oriented -- if confronted by a problem, she takes what action she can, then forgets about it. Doesn't complain fruitlessly.
* Self-reliant -- Doesn't wait for somebody to come rescue her.
* Funny -- Likes Simpsons, South Park, Calvin and Hobbes, Bloom County, Get Fuzzy. Laughs at my jokes.
* Optimistic -- doesn't give up.
* Sexy -- likes to dress in leather pants, reads excerpts from "Machinery of Freedom" while feeding me peeled grapes.

Prize: $5,0000

3. Successfully cryopreserve one of the following mammalian organs -- liver, heart, kidney, brain -- from one of the following species: rats, rabbits, dogs, cats, monkeys, humans. Successful cryopreservation is defined as cooling the organ below -130'C for 7 days, rewarming it, then transplanting it back into an animal, and the animal surviving using that organ as it's sole source of support for 366 days.

Prize: $10,000
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