crasch (crasch) wrote,

Can you speak mechanical engineering and Cantonese?

I'm the new Dan Lyke is hiring. He's cool people. Here's the post:

Wanted to hire: Technical person in Hong Kong. Must be able to talk mechanical engineering in Cantonese and communicate with me in English. Should know how to handle a soldering iron, know what configuring a second ethernet card in a Windows XP machine means, and have basic mechanical and computer problem solving skills. Needn't be a programmer. And there'll probably be customer support involved, I expect that this position will evolve into something between a field angineer and a customer support/technical sales sort of job, but for starters I need a set of eyes, ears and hands on the ground in that area.

And, bonus position: if anyone wants to do office manager type of work in San Francisco, I can pass on a resumé to the appropriate folks there.
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