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Cryonics and mental illness...

Doug Skrecky, a frequent poster to Cryonet, a mailing list devoted to cryonics, made the following observation after one of the frequent bouts of sniping between members of rival cryonics organizations.

"...after seeing and evaluating the behaviour of a number of people involved in
cryonics, I've reluctantly concluded that a number are mentally ill.
A possibly relevant study was done on creativity and psychopathology in
291 world-famous men (British Journal of Psychiatry 165: 22-34
1994). Guess which profession was associated with the highest incidence of
psychopathology? No, it wasn't politicians, of which 17.8% suffered from
severe illness, including Hitler, Woodrow Wilson and Lincoln. The group
that scored the worst was writers. one is reminded of the saying: genius
is next to insanity. The breakdown for writers was as follows:

    Degree of Psychopathology

None       Mild      Marked      Severe
 2%         10%       42%         46%
Maupassant Chekov    Balzac      Conrad
           France    Bennett     Dostoevsky
           Hauptmann Brecht      Faulkner
           Melville  Camus       Gide
           Orwell    Dickens     Gogol
                     Dumas(pere) Hemingway
                     Flaubert    Hesse
                     Galsworthy  Ibsen
                     Gorky       Joyce
                     Hardy       Kafka
                     Hugo        Kipling
                     Huxley (A)  Lawrence
                     James (H)   Mann (T)
                     Maugham (S) Manzoni
                     Pasternak   Proust
                     Pirandello  Sartre
                     Shaw        Scott Fitzgerald
                     Thackeray   Stendhal
                     Trollope    Strindberg
                     Turgenev    Tolstoy
                     Zola        Waugh (E)

Unfortunately, my own observations tend to support Skreky's contention. (Present company excepted, of course...:>)
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