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Aspire to be beautiful

And then there are the guys who have seen or visited the women of places like Russia and/or Brazil. Guys always talk about how beautiful the women are and how almost all of them are perfect 10s. How does this tie together? Think about it for a moment. Most men say that all of the women in Russia and Brazil are beautiful, yet these are the very same men that say or believe that they will never be physically attractive to women because they are too short, the wrong race, their face isn't up to par, or they're too skinny.

I have a question for said men. Why are almost all of the women in Brazil and Russia beautiful? Is it because they somehow imported a perfect gene pool? Anyone with half a brain knows that this isn't the case. Then why are most of the women of Brazil and Russia beautiful? It's because they aspire to be beautiful. That and they put a lot of pressure on themselves to be beautiful (I remember seeing a woman from a poor neighborhood in Brazil somehow finding a way to get some kind of discount plastic surgery).

The vast majority of those women weren't given perfect genes, and if you pay attention, you will see that these women vary. Some have better-looking faces than others, some are short while others are tall, some are skinny while others are curvier, and some are blondes while others are brunettes. All of that diversity, yet men wholeheartedly agree that the women of Brazil and Russia are among the most beautiful in the world.

How does this relate to you? I believe that when a guy complains about being too short, being the wrong race, or not having the perfect face, he is just looking for an out. He is looking for a way out of hitting the gym, he is looking for a way out of buying costly nice clothes, he is looking for a way out of paying for expensive skin products, he is looking for a way out of paying for costly dietary supplements, and he is looking for a way out of getting his weight down. Overall, he is just being cheap and lazy, and looking for any excuse not to improve his appearances.

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