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Primal Wisdom: The Twinkie Diet: A Paleo Dieter Perspective

According to Dr. Haub’s Facebook page on his experiment, he lost 26.6 pounds over 10 weeks, going from 200.8 pounds and  33.4% body fat to 174.2 pounds and 24.9% body fat.  So, at the beginning he had  67 lbs fat mass and 134 lbs lean mass, and after ten weeks he had 43 lbs fat mass and 131 lbs lean mass.  Thus, he lost 24 pounds of fat, which requires the metabolism of 84000 calories over 70 days.  This means he had a caloric deficit of about 1200 calories per day.  Haub's sample diet record shows a food energy intake of about 1600 calories per day (more on this below). 

Paleo analysis of the Twinkie diet.

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