crasch (crasch) wrote,

The Rasch family gift exchange "Codes of Conduct"

In which my sister Heather lays down the gift exchange law...


Hello Family!

Since my idea last year of a heart felt letter that you will cherish when you
are 90 years old and the person that sent it is six-feet under and it is the
only way your feeble mind will remember them went over like a lead balloon, it
was suggested we do a materialistic gift exchange instead. So here are the gift exchange "Codes of Conduct"

1 - $50 spending limit
2 - If you "forget" to give your gift, you will be disowned from the family.
3 - Call, email, text the person you are giving a present to find out some ideas
of what they would like. It's ok.:)
4 - If you do not want to be a part of the gift exchange this year, you must let
us know by next Monday, November 15th. Otherwise, see conduct rule #2.
5 - Don't ask me who you have or I shoot you upon arrival in Jerome. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Love you all,

Note to Joey - I included Erin. I figure it is time to introduce her to the
madness that we call our family. Could you please forward her this email?

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