crasch (crasch) wrote,

Notes to myself : seasteading, airsteading, bodyweight exercises

* The biggest problem with using hydrogen with an airship is the flammability. Could hydrogen be made non-flammable (or non-flammable enough) by making it into a foam? Maybe by using fluorocarbons?

* Could you make a autogyro with giant, inflatable helium filled wings? Perhaps using tensairity principles to make the blades rigid enough? What about a helium filled flying wing? Powered parachute?

* Current designs for seasteads call for monolithic ferrocement construction. However, ferrocement is very heavy, and it would be difficult to build the seastead offshore, then transport it to the ocean. Could a variant of panelized construction be used? Maybe design the pillar as an ocatagon, and use tiled interlocking panels. Could they be made water tight? What about expansion/contraction due to thermal differentials?

* What about using pillowdome technology to build a large rigid hexagonal geodesic sphere? How were the pillowdomes made watertight? How much aluminum/tefzel would be required to build a structure sufficient for carrying a family of 4+4? How would such a structure respond to high winds? How could it be safely tethered? Are "airsteads" practical?

* What about using water ballast for seasteads instead of concrete?

* What about using a photovoltaic fabric to cover the surface of the airship? The electricity generated could be used to form hydrogen, and thus keep the sphere perpetually afloat. What are the current limitations of photovoltaic fabrics?

* Could you make a Tent cot akin to a tri-fold stool?

Body weight exercises:

park bench press - lean against park bench in push up position, push against bench with explosive force
assisted squat - lower yourself on one leg, then up, using the other leg to assist as necessary
frog squat - hunker into squat position, then walk forward in the position
air pushups - alternately push your arms into the air, as if you were walking on your hands
lunge walk - self-explanatory
leap frog - self-explanatory
bear crawl - bend over and place your hands on the ground. Keep your legs fairly straight so that your body forms an inverted v. Walk forward
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