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Build and Fly Your Own Backpack Aircraft

[Edit: The text below is from the company's website, not me.]

"...Have you ever dreamed of flying? I mean really flying - like a bird - not in some huge steel contraption, but flying by just strapping something to your back and lifting off, feeling the wind against your skin, zooming over the treetops and seeing the world in all of its splendor before you. If you have ever dreamed of flying like this, then we have what you need!! We will tell you how YOU can fly!!!

You can build and fly the least expensive, safest, simplest, funnest aircraft in the world in about a week. You can learn to fly this aircraft safely in a weekend. You can take off from level ground by yourself in only a few steps and land on a dinner plate. The airframe only costs about $200 to build. With the purchase of a used engine and canopy you will save thousands. Powered parachutes are the least expensive aircraft in the world to purchase, maintain and fly. No licensing, insurance or registration of any kind is required to fly a powered parachute. You can throw a powered parachute into the trunk of your car or take it on an airline and fly it anywhere in the world. Flys and lands safely without power. Everything you want and need to know about powered parachutes is in our detailed informative book with sources for completed craft, components... even plans to build your own.

This craft can be built from aluminum with simple hand tools in less then 40 hours. The canopy and engine must be purchased. If purchased used they can be had for as little as a few hundred dollars

The new sport of powered parachuting is growing rapidly. Powered parachuting is making flight available to people who thought that limited time, money and resources would keep them grounded forever.

This is the 50 lb. back pack air plane that people have dreamed about for years.

EasyUp is the only source that sells plans. The plans come with lists of sources for the components that you will need to build your own aircraft. We believe that the plans are the best deal you can possibly come by. After all, we are listing all of our competitors for you. Read our book, look around and then decide for yourself. The average cost to build a craft from our plans is between $900 and $3000. You can save an average of $8000 if you build your own rather then buy. You can build our aircraft in about a week. Save thousands of dollars and impress yourself with a true accomplishment. Be your own pilot...."
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